Complex, Authentic Assessments

With a simple combination of two great tools, we can craft some strong classroom assessments. Viewing traditional topics and assessment ideas through the lens of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge framework and the GRASP Authentic Assessment framework helps everyone go beyond recall and move into creative analysis and deep thinking with a relevant context.

A simple chart and sample assessment hopes to highlight how 15 minutes can move our practices forward and give our students tasks that mirror real-world problems.

Traditional Assessment:  Describe how carbon emissions are linked to climate change.

Webb’s: A proposed law will change the emissions regulations for businesses. Review the change and describe the impact (if any) this will have on the environment and employment.

A GRASP Authentic Performance Assessment

Goal: A  recommendation on impacts of a proposed law
Role: An advisor to the mayor
Audience: The mayor
Situation: The governor has asked you to review the proposed changes. Discuss the impact this will have (if any) on the environment and employment in your city.
Product: A report with recommendation and rationale
Standards:  S4a __________  and/or rubric criteria to determine quality