About Us

Our Vision

Jetlag Learning aims to rethink education by putting a learner’s interest at the forefront and engaging students in relevant tasks and meaningful play. We strive to produce materials that foster enthusiasm in students and are recognized by teaching professionals and students as innovative methods that have the potential to take learning to another level.

We create online simulations where students compete & interact with one another rather than a computer, resulting in dynamic and social learning experience. Our first product, simCEO, is an interactive entrepreneurial simulation. The beta of simCEO won the Most Innovative Ed Tech Incubator Award from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA).

As a young company, we are always on the lookout for potential partners to help us achieve our mission.

Derek Luebbe

As creator of simCEO, Derek is passionate about all things learning. He has taught and been a principal at the elementary, middle, and high school level. He currently shares his time between simCEO and his current role as a Head of School for the Shanghai Community International School. He believes that learning (and even school !) should be fun, and he’s proud to bring simCEO to life.
He blogs at DoesItCatchMice? about innovative learning models and methods. Catch him there as well.
A lover of sports, he is reluctantly learning that watching is probably safer now.

Derek is married with three daughters who remind him often of how much he doesn’t know.

Christie McKee
Christie has been involved in simCEO since the very early days. She brings the “get-er-done” attitude to the simCEO team.
Christie’s experience in education covers just about every role imaginable over 30+ years; classroom teacher, administrator, PD Trainer, Director of Online Learning for the California Council of Economic Education, and the Regional Director of Educational Partnerships for Quantum Learning.
Christie also owns DOLE (Designing Online Learning Environments) where she consults with companies who desire to get into the education market.
Christie enjoys using her education and marketing background to use in establishing relationships to help simCEO move forward.
Jetlag Learning
Hendersonville, North Carolina